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Accademia per parrucchieri di acconciature moda capelli - Corsi formazione parrucchieri

22 Dering Street | | Mayfair - London W1S 1AN | +44.(0)207.6294078


Accademia per parrucchieri di acconciature moda capelli. Corsi di taglio, corsi colore, corsi moda capelli, seminari marketing e gestione salone per parrucchieri.>

"Mahogany education, a clear vision..." Mahogany Academy believes that education is the route to a satisfying and rewarding career, both creatively and financially. Mahogany Education offers a clear vision allowing the individual to achieve their goals.
Our experienced and expertly trained team of instructors share a deep knowledge and understanding of the craft. Our guaranteed low student teacher ratio will allow them to nurture and develop their skills in precision cut and colour.
Whatever your needs, from personal one on one tuition, to show and seminar training, whether you spend one day or thirty weeks with us, Mahogany Academy will deliver an unbeatable and rewarding experience.

Share in award winning skills, training techniques, and creativity at the very forefront of hairdressing.
The Academy caters to all skills from complete beginners to advanced professionals. Every facet to Mahogany

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